Welcome to Solid Art Creations

About us

SolidArtCreations goes against the grain to create original designs by blending modern technology with classic craftsmanship. Founded in 2015 in Evansville, IN, this is a family-owned small business that’s cutting our own place in the world of specialty machine-created art. 

Using CAD / CAM software, coupled with computer numeric control (CNC) machines, SolidArtCreations brings even the most intricate designs to life. With these tools, we are not limited to wood or metal creations. With the addition of a 3D printer and an electronic cutting machine, we’re equipped to handle all of your plastic, pottery, and etched glass projects. SolidArtCreations specializes in signs, home or office décor, shelving, and much more. We locally source most of our hardwoods and all of our products are made in our studio by one of our team members. 

Our goal for this business is to be a service to people, whether we’re helping you bring your vision to life or personalizing one of our quality pieces. Clients are welcome bring in wood or other materials for custom projects. We’ll work hand-in-hand to design a unique product that’s ideal for any special occasion – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or family heirlooms.  

Art is a matter of perspective and individuality. Not one of our pieces will look exactly like another, but you are guaranteed the same skilled, quality craftsmanship every time.  We’re committed learning new processes and techniques so we can continue to offer customers fresh ideas from an innovative design perspective. Visit our online store now or find us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we’ve been up to. Wherever you are in life, SolidArtCreations is here to deliver beautiful art from our family to yours.