Welcome to Solid Art Creations

Meet Our Team

Kevin Holzmeyer

Kevin grew up learning hands-on skills from his father, who worked as a general contractor for most of his life. After years of designing and producing quality pieces for sport, Kevin knew those skills amounted to more than a pastime. He recognized a void in specialty wood projects of this scale, especially in the Evansville market. Now, he’s a hobbyist turned business owner who runs SolidArtCreations with his family. In 2015, Kevin asked his daughter, Krystal, and son-in-law, Andy, to start a small business that turns wood, steel, plastic, and glass into beautiful pieces of art.

Kevin knows the capabilities are nearly endless when you combine some of the world’s oldest art forms and turn a new page with today’s technology. Always excited to learn fresh techniques and make new products, Kevin is set on taking SolidArtCreations to the next level. Yet, he finds real enjoyment talking to clients and people around the community. He loves to unveil the personal story that’s behind each client’s project and learning why they’re drawn to certain design elements. Kevin has turned a fun hobby that he enjoyed with his family into a business that he has the pleasure of sharing with yours.


Andrew Ungethiem

Andy’s impressive resume set him up as the perfect business partner at SolidArtCreations. He has a knack for building and working with his hands, plus a technical skillset that he learned at a young age. A lot of Andy’s experience comes from on-the-job training passed down by his older brother when they worked on home construction projects together. He also previously worked with both sheet metal and HVAC.

After some time away from professional construction, Andy was happy to join his wife and father-in-law at SolidArtCreations. He finds hands-on work to be therapeutic and loves breaking the mold to create new and unique products. Andy excels at meeting the requests of our clients, especially custom work that presents construction or functionality challenges. Think of him as our resident engineer who’s here to help make your design a reality. 


Krystal Ungethiem

Krystal is detail-oriented with a keen eye for trends. She makes sure all of our products are beautifully finished and ready for the marketplace. Her creative mind influences the look and functionality in the design phase, but she’s known for her flair and finesse on the finishing touch.

Krystal takes the title as SolidArtCreations’ leader in sales. Her knowledge of the product and passion for what we create helps our clients choose the perfect piece of art. She is also our motivator. She’s behind the positive messages found on our signs and home décor, but she also keeps the team going on long days spent in the shop or at local events. Krystal is always present in the community at craft fairs and bazaars, so if you see her, stop by to learn more about SolidArtCreations.